Honey Bears World

Information Sheet Academic Session 2018-2019





Information sheet

Academic Session 2018-19


Class: Honey Bears (Nursery)                                                                 

 Month: April

Theme: We love ourselves

Value:  Magical bonding

Colour: Red

Month: May

Theme: Sunny blast

Value: Good and bad touch

Colour: Yellow


 Dear Mom and Dad,

I am off to school in a new atmosphere where I am going to make new friends and the teachers will teach me through lot of fun filled activities.  Here is what I will be learning for these two months. I am really looking forward to this new journey.

 Linguistic skill:

6     out of 42 sounds of English alphabet to be taught orally with actions

·         s, a, t, i,  p, n  

  •  tracing of the above letters with air actions and sand tracing
  • phonetic rhymes & stories
  • sound & picture identification
  •  sound related vocabulary
  • wood-letter tracing
  • Worksheets
  • public speaking /show n tell

  Cognitive Skill:


·   big & small

·  shape  ( circle)

·  numbers 0 & 1(concept of zero and one )

·  oral counting 1 to 5

General awareness

  • Myself
  • My home
  • My Family
  •  My School
  • My body
  • Summer season
  • Good manners(Good and bad touch)

 Site visits:   A tour of the Kindergarten area & its surroundings.

 Musical/ aesthetical skill:   Dance & Aerobics

  Fine Motor skill:

  •  clay moulding
  • pasting of photograph (Myself)
  • collage making (My family)
  • hand ,thumb and potato printing

 Gross Motor Skill:

  • playing on the slide, See-Saw, Merry-Go-Round & Ball pool
  • walking on a line
  •   jumping in/out of a circle
  • hopping on one foot

 Story of the month:  (Topic – Friendship)


  • The lion & the mouse
  • The ant & the dove

English rhymes:

  • Let’s say Good morning ……
  •  I am special………..
  • This is my father smart & brave…..
  • Summer Summer is almost here…….
  • My hands on myself………..
  • Red are apples ….  
  • Yellow are bananas….

        Hindi rhymes:

·  मी     बोल.................

·   मेरा  स्कूल............

 Note:  Kindly:-

·  send two cloth napkins, 1 apron & a spoon everyday to school.

·  send healthy tiffin (no chips, chocolates & fast food) 

·   avoid polythene and plastics bags