Honey Bears World

Information Sheet Academic Session 2019-2020



               GUMMY BEARS’ WORLD

                   Information sheet

                            Academic Session 2019-2020

    Class: Honey Bears (Nursery)                                                                                               Month: October,November,and December 2019



Theme: Aura of festivals

Value : Caring for animals

Colour : Purple


Theme: Nurturing our environment

Value : Caring for our environment

Colour : Green


Theme:Winter solstice

Value:Being humble


Dear Mom and Dad,

I am to explore some more fun activities that we do for each topic to know more about it. Here is what I will be studying for these two months.

 Linguistic skill:

Ø  Recap of previous sounds (a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j)

Ø  Introduction to new sounds with corresponding rhyme and story :-


Ø  Related activities ;-

    * tracing of the above letters with air actions and sand tracing

    * phonetic rhymes

    * picture identification

    * vocabulary

    * public speaking

    * wood-letter tracing

    *slate writing & clay moulding

    *Show n’ Tell

    * Worksheets

· listening / reading stories

(Kindly read these stories for bed time to your wards – 1)Polytrap ,2)Earth here we come by Neeta Ganguly, 3)Books of pepper series,4)The very hungry caterpillar by Eric Carle) etc.

Cognitive Skill:

 Recap of previous concepts

 Introduction to numbers-5,6,7& 8

 Oral counting – 1-15

 Introduction to new  concept of ;-

·heavy & light

·up & down

·Day & night

·Counting of numbers through abacus

·stringing the beads

·block building


·Shape (Triangle

·Tangram activities

 General awareness activities:

·Recap of previous concepts

·Introduction to new concepts of :-

Ø  Festivals of India

Ø  Animal world

Ø  Plants and it’s life

Ø  Importance of trees

Colours – Purple,green & white

Site Visits:


  • October:Visit to zoo
  • November:Visit to Aquarium
  • December: Visit to meet green friends


Musical/ aesthetical skill:   Dance & Aerobics

Fine Motor skill:

Ø  clay moulding of sounds ,numbers & shapes

Ø  free hand drawing

Ø  threading beads

Ø  buttoning

Ø  zipping

Ø  lacing

Gross Motor Skill:

Ø  walk on tip-toe

Ø  crossing the hurdle

Ø  climbing ladders

Ø  handling bat & ball

Ø  hockey


·related to festivals (Diwali, Dussehra, Guru Purab ,Eid & Christmas )

 English rhymes & songs: (related to General awareness topics)

·Recap of previous rhymes

·Rhymes on purple green & white colour

·Out in the garden ,what do I ………

·I plant a little seed…..

·Diwali is here with lights that ……

·Old MC.Donald’s had a farm

·Jump ,jump like a kangaroo

 Nature walk:

Ø  Animals and Eco-balance

Ø  Trees: Our saviour

Ø  Fire and it’s importance

 Value Education / Puppet show:

·Caring for animals

·Caring for our environment

·Being humble

Note: Kindly :-

·send healthy tiffin to be sent (no chips, chocolates & fast food) 

·send two cloth napkins, 1 apron  & a spoon everyday to school.

·avoid polythene , plastic bags& thermocol.

 Note:-Kindly read picture story books to the children regularly; for eg:

1) Bubble’s series

2) Pepper’s series

3) A hungry caterpillar, by Eric Carle.