Our Mission

"We were born to win but to be a winner, we must plan to win,
Prepare to win and Expect to win."

The Heritage School, works in an endeavour to bring the most modern and child-centric approaches in the field of learn and teaching processes, thereby helping children to develop well-rounded personalities. The EHI research shows that when all the 4 skill areas language, cognitive, motor and social- are worked on simultaneously after they turn three, then those children achieve the best results at the end of the Foundation Stage and are better placed to start Class 1.

Every effort is appreciated more than the result to give them a feeling of achievement.

  • Help the children become confident.
  • Make learning a joyful experience
  • Identify & promote each child’s individuality
  • Sensitizing the child about the environment & its importance.

The school works towards this mission in the following manner:

  • Hiring talented and agile facilitators (teachers) and continuously working towards their professional development through consistent training and monitoring.
  • Ensuring a healthy facilitator – child ratio, 1:15 and working in a child-centric manner.
  • Developing language skills based on Jolly phonics, one of the proven result-oriented approaches for children.
  • Activity based Learning (ABL) to develop language, cognitive, motor and social skills simultaneously and hence overall development and not just academic development of children.
  • Developmental milestones adhered to as advised by the EHI special education specialist Meena Thukral, hence no writing to be initiated until the children are ready(based on their fine motor development)
  • Lots of individual attention and confidence building activities
  • Structured and regular evaluations based not on marks or grades, but overall development of every child.