'A unique learning community, a place where everybody knows your name'

At Heritage Kindergarten, each classroom is unique learning centre with a teacher-student ratio of 1:15. Where teacher is accessible and is just like a parent who knows his/her child in totality with all their strengths and weaknesses. The close intimacy between a child and the teacher is conducive for a healthy teaching –learning environment. All the Nursery classes are air conditioned to provide ambient temperature to the toddlers.


Splash pool

Tiny Heritageans have a water kingdom of their own. The splash pool has European equipments so that hygiene of International standards is maintained.

Activity Hall

The activity hall is exclusively laid to create a world in its own for the tiny toddlers’ .It is a place to make a child feel free and independent in their world of colours magic and emotions.


Seperate Play Field

Children love to run and jump in open spaces. Out door play is imperative for Childs physical growth and building stamina. Heritage provides a separate play field for tiny toddlers to keep them segregated from rest of the school.


A colourful carpeted area, with picturesque story books for comfortable reclining so, that it enables the child to dream & imagine & allow the body & mind to fuse together with the story.


Motor Skill Room

Kids come to this area for activities related to fine motor activities like sorting, circle time, clay moulding, beading & climbing the ladder


A/V room and Cognitive Room

Here young Heritageans are exposed to the first step of learning i.e. visualisation to co- relate with the topic taken up for the week. Concepts are given first before our kids go into learning numbers & their formation for this they have a room which has Abacus with beads, Blocks, Numbers, Marbles, Puzzles, Shapes etc.