Graduate Bears World

Information Sheet Academic Session 2017-2018



Theme: Celebration & Festivals

Value: Learn about our mythological figures

Colour: Purple


Theme: Go Green

Value: Respect our environment

Colour: Green

Dear Mom & Dad,

School is so much fun. I love being here. We will continue doing more fun filled activities with our teachers & enhance our knowledge. Here is what I will be studying for these two months.

Linguistic skill:

           ·          We will revise blending the letter sounds done so far. Our teacher told us that the first sound needs to be louder than the second. We will do revision of double sounds & related vocabulary.

           ·          After that, we will be starting with /y/,Ma’am will teach us a related story & actions.

           ·          Similarly, we will learn /x/,/ch/,/sh/,/th/,/th/,/qu/,/ou/,/oi/,/ue/,/er/,/ar/.

Mom, do you know that when two vowels go walking, only first one does the talking.

           ·          We will practice the actions & rhymes with the related videos in the A/V room. That is always the best part.

Ma’am will teach us some exciting songs to help us learn these sounds. Here are some more things we will learn:

           ·          phonetic practice

           ·          Tricky Words (level –III): There are some sounds which are not as per the rules. Ma’am will help us learn those e.g where, were, which, more, why, who, before, many, any, other, because, want

           ·          vocabulary enhancement

           ·          public speaking

           ·          show ‘N’ Tell

           ·          word wall

           ·          classroom discussions

           ·          listening /reading stories

(Kindly read these stories for bed time to your wards :

 1) Polytrap & 2)Earth here we come (By Neeta Ganguly)

 3) The very hungry caterpillar (By Eric carle)

 4) Read & grow with Bubbles

 5) Read & grow with Pepper

Cognitive skill:

Mom, by now I know the oral counting from 1 to 100. We will be revising that & we will also do much more to sharpen our brain & numerals.

           ·          repetition of number names (11 to 15 )

           ·          greater  & equal to

           ·          count & write

           ·          forward counting (70 to 90)

           ·          ascending & descending order

           ·          skip counting of 3’s

           ·          number names (16 to 30 )

           ·          matching of numbers with objects

           ·          addition with pictures & one digit numbers

General Awareness:

We will learn more about the following topics with lot of activities:

           ·          festivals & celebrations

           ·          growing a plant

           ·          Our environment


Site Visit:

·         adventure camp

·         nature walk

·         visit to the floriculture

Music & Dance:

           ·          Rhymes and songs on Diwali and Rivers.

           ·          enactment on Ramayana.

           ·          shabad on Gurupurab.

           ·          shlokas

           ·          dance on pretty diyas.

Fine Motor skill:

           ·          clay modelling

           ·          free hand drawing

           ·          hand printing

           ·          origami

           ·          rangoli making

           ·          sorting objects

           ·          best out of waste

Gross Motor skill:

           ·          physical exercises

           ·          yoga

           ·          skipping

           ·          running

           ·          walking on the bricks


We will listen to stories on the following topics:

           ·           Dussehra,

           ·           Diwali,

           ·          Muharram &

           ·           Gurupurab

English Rhymes:

Ma’am will teach us new English rhymes related to the topics/themes/values of the months, for example, seed, earth, rivers etc.



1.व्यंजन(complete varanmala)

2.शब्द जोड़, दो,तीन् और चार् अक्षर शब्द्

3 शब्दों से चित्रों का मिलान

4. वाक्य

5 श्रुतलेख

6.रिक्त स्थान भरो


Nature walk:

·         air & its importance

·         Our Earth

Value Education / Puppet show:

·         Respecting our elders

·         Choosing between right & wrong

·         Respect our environment



Kindly send,

· Only healthy tiffin 

(chips, chocolates, liquid items & fast food are not allowed)

a small box of fruit & two soaked almonds along with lunch everyday.

· two cloth napkins, 1 apron & a spoon everyday to school.

(*Avoid poly bags & paper bags.)