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Information Sheet Academic Session 2018-2019



Information sheet

Academic Session 2018-2019


Class –Graduate Bears (UKG)                                                                  Month: April & May, 2018

Month: April

Theme: We love ourselves

Value:  Magical Bonding

Colour: Red

Month: May

Theme: : Sunny Blast (Summer)

Value: Good and bad touch

Colour: Yellow

 Dear Mom and Dad,

I am off to school in a new class and studies are a lot more fun now. The teachers are going to teach us through lot of activities. Our syllabus also looks a lot different. Here is what I will be studying for these two months. I am really looking forward to the fun filled studies.

Linguistic skill:   

           s ,a  ,t  ,i  ,p  ,n    

            c, k  ,e  ,h  r  ,m  ,d

            g, o, u             

  • phonetic sounds
  • Sounding the words
  • Sound related vocabulary
  • Blending
  • reading
  • writing
  • Tricky words –1st  level- I, me, he, to, be, she, do, are, was, we, all, the
  • Public speaking/ Show N ‘tell
  •   Word walls

  Cognitive Skill:


· Recap 1 to 20

· counting from 21 to 40 (forward)

· number recognition & formation

· after, before, in between

· greater & equal to

· concept of zero

. Number names 1 to 10

 General awareness


  • Me and Myself
  • My Family
  • Our Body
  • Growing & changes
  • My house
  • Summer season


Site visits:     A tour of the school

Musical/ aesthetical skill:    Dance & Aerobics

 Fine Motor skill:


  • Pasting of photograph (Myself)
  • free hand drawing
  • potato (photo frame)


Gross Motor Skill:


  • walking on a line
  • Jumping in/out of a circle
  • Hitting the ball with a bat
  • Catching  & throwing the ball


Story of the month:  (Topic – Friendship)



  • The dove & an ant
  • Two friends and a bear


Nature Love:


  • Tree – Our best friends
  • Sun – Life giving energy


English rhymes:


  • Good morning to you……
  • My hands on myself…..
  • This is my father smart & brave…..
  • Ten little fingers…….



·  Recap & recall of swar

·  Vyanjan 

·  Dictation

·  Words

·  Related activities 

 Note:  Kindly:-

·  send two cloth napkins, 1 apron & a spoon everyday to school.

·  send healthy tiffin (no chips, chocolates & fast food) 

·  avoid polythene and plastics bags