Graduate Bears World

Information Sheet Academic Session 2019-2020



Information sheet

                     Academic Session: 2019-20                   

              Month: October, November & December -19

Class: Graduate Bears (UKG)         


Theme: Aura of Festivals

Value: Caring for animals

Colour: Purple:


Theme: Nurturing our environment

Value: Caring for our environment

Colour : Green


Theme : Winter  Solstice

Value : Being Humble

Colour : White

Dear Mom & Dad,

School is so much fun. I love being here. We will continue doing more fun filled activities with our teachers & enhance our knowledge. Here is what I will be studying for these three months.

Linguistic skill:

 ·Recap of previous sounds.

 ·We will learn new double sounds /or/,/ng/,/oo/,/OO/,/ch/,/sh/,/th/,/th/,/qu/,/ou/,/oi/,/ue/,/er/,/ar/.

 ·Introduction to/ in/,/on/,/under

·Introduction to /this/,/that/

·Phonetic practice

·Tricky Words (level –III,IV):   e.g , by, like ,live, give, only, have, when, what, down, little, where, were, which, more, why, who, before, many, any, other, because, want, old

Related activities

·vocabulary words (related to ongoing sounds)

·public speaking

·show ‘N’ Tell

·word wall

·framing of writing sentences

·reading phrases & sentences

·classroom discussions

·listening /reading stories

(Kindly read stories for bed time to your ward) e.g. :

1)    Pepper series

2)   Bubble series

3)   Earth : Here we come

4)   Polytrap (by Nita Ganguly)

5)   The tiger, the bee, the sparrow (by Swati Popat Vats)

 Cognitive skill:

·repetition of number names (1 to 20 )

·number names(15-40)

·forward counting (51-100)

·count & write(1-70)

·greater  & equal to(1-100)

·matching of numbers with objects

·Introduction of addition with pictures & one digit numbers

General Awareness:


·Growing a plant

·Our environment

·Festivals & celebrations

·Musical  instruments

Site Visit:


·Visit to the zoo

·Visit to the aquarium

·Adventure camp

Nature walk

·Animals & eco-balance

·Trees :our saviour

·Fire & it’s  importance

Music & Dance:

·Rhymes and songs on Diwali, rivers, fire, earth

·Shabad on gurupurab.


·Aerobics on stay fit

·Christmas song

Fine Motor skill:

·Origami (Animals, Birds ,Flowers ,& other things)


·Lacing shoes



·Dart game

Gross Motor skill:



 ·Basket ball

·Races(Hop, Hurdle –race)

·Golf game with shapes

·Aim the object with ring


·The tiger, the bee & the sparrow

·The  Ramayan 

·Being Humble




2.शब्द जोड़, दो,तीन और चार अक्षर शब्द

3 शब्दों से चित्रों का मिलान

4. वाक्य

5 श्रुतलेख

6.रिक्त स्थान भरो

 Value Education / Puppet show:

·Save the tiger ,sparrows & bees

·Early man

·Trees our savior


Kindly send,

·Healthy  tiffin  to be sent

(chips, chocolates, liquid items & fast food are not allowed) 

·a small box of fruit along with lunch every day.

·two cloth napkins, 1 apron & a spoon everyday to school.

(*Avoid poly bags, thermocol and aluminum foil.)